Objection to Proposed Zoning Change

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Petition Description 

Indian Lakes Resort requests a zoning change for its golf course property, which would allow residential homes to be built on the property. Our position is that the current zoning should be maintained.

We have many issues with the requested zoning change, including:

ISSUE #1: Directly or through the Village of Bloomingdale, Indian Lakes Resort has received inquiries from investors interested in purchasing the property, with its current zoning, to resume its use as a golf course.

ISSUE #2: Indian Lakes, attempting to receive a higher price via a zoning change, refuses to discuss selling the property to golf course investors.

ISSUE #3:Traffic and pedestrian safety issues in both the immediate area (including Schick Road) as well as within the Village overall

ISSUE #4: Negative impact on property values of homeowners bordering, directly or generally, the existing property, which through the 2016 season was a golf course

ISSUE #5: Elimination of significant open space within the Village, negatively impacting the Village Plan

ISSUE #6: Negatively impacting population density within the general area

ISSUE #7: Roughly five-to-seven years of construction dust, noise and traffic for surrounding residents who are entitled to quiet enjoyment of their properties

ISSUE #8: Unnecessarily enriching the existing owners of Indian Lakes Resort, who purchased the property fully aware of its open space zoning but want to materially benefit from a zoning reclassification via the higher property value a rezoning would create.

ISSUE #9: Questionable financial stability of the proposed home builder, resulting in the risk that the builder would not have the financial capacity to complete the project.