Timeline—Key Events

July, 2016

First ILR LLC, owner of Indian Lakes resort, and property manager First Hospitality Group Inc., announce that the golf course will be permanently closed, and no longer maintained, at the end of the 2016 golf season.

February, 2017

First ILR announces plans, working with homebuilder K. Hovnanian, to redevelop the golf course into a 55-and-over community consisting of 535 single-family homes. The proposal would require the Village of Bloomingdale Board of Trustees to change the current zoning of the property.

May, 2017

The Concerned Citizens of Bloomingdale committee is formed to formalize opposition to the First ILR/Hovnanian proposal. A petition against the proposal is launched.

September, 2017

K. Hovnanian submits its Zoning Application, requesting the zoning change, to the Village.

December, 2017 

Hundreds of Bloomingdale residents turn out at an event hosted by the Concerned Citizens of Bloomingdale at the Bloomingdale Golf Club to voice their opposition to Hovnanian’s plans.

March, 2018

First ILR and K. Hovnanian file a lawsuit against the Village of Bloomingdale, attempting to compel Bloomingdale to conduct a preliminary review. Meanwhile, the Village considers the application to be incomplete.

Read the letter from the Village to its residents dated March 22, 2018, after the lawsuit was filed.

June, 2018

DuPage County Judge Bonnie Wheaton dismisses the suit filed by First ILR and K. Hovnanian Homes against the Village of Bloomingdale. Village President Franco Coladipietro says, “We’re pleased with the court’s decision and that the court recognized that the Indian Lakes group needs to follow the same process as anyone else.”

November, 2018

K. Hovnanian submits its Planned Unit Development request, calling for 535 homes, to the Village of Bloomingdale.

April & May, 2019

Three Planning and Zoning Commission meetings, open to the community, are held at Lake Park High School. The first is attended by over 700 members of the community. Virtually all community members who speak during the meetings voice opposition to the proposal.

Dan McGuire, Chairman of the Concerned Citizens of Bloomingdale Committee, makes a presentation against the proposal on behalf of the Committee and over 1,300 petition signers at the May 14, 2019 meeting (video available on this site’s main page).

August, 2019

K Hovnanian withdraws its zoning application for a Planned Unit Development of a 55-and-older community at the former Indian Lakes golf course property.

Below are links that will provide additional in-depth information.

* The First ILR plan

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* History of the Indian Lakes Resort property

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* Village of Bloomingdale’s Comprehensive Land Use Map  http://villageofbloomingdale.org/DocumentCenter/View/652

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* Impact on Property Values

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* Concerns about the Builder

  1. Reviews from other homeowners of the builder from different locations
  2. Wikipedia site for the builder https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hovnanian_Enterprises
  3. Lawsuit involvements
  4. Information about Tampa Bay area property
  5. Financial Information of the Builder
  6. Other Properties and Locations