12/7/17 Community Meeting

Concerned Citizens of Bloomingdale, hosted a Community Meeting.
Concerned Citizens of Bloomingdale hosted a Community Meeting

On December 7, 2017 the Concerned Citizens of Bloomingdale (maintainers of the NoNewIndianLakes.com website) hosted a Community Meeting regarding the proposed rezoning of the Indian Lakes golf course land. A standing-room-only crowd of over 350 Bloomingdale residents packed the banquet room at the Bloomingdale Golf Club.

The roughly 90-minute meeting included presentations by long-time local residents Jane Pinda Hansen (29-year Bloomingdale resident), Mark Rickerson (25 years), Douglas Trent (35 years) and Dan McGuire (17 years).

Jane Pinda Hansen provided a brief introduction and overview of the agenda, and introduced the committee members of the Concerned Citizens of Bloomingdale, which strongly opposes any zoning change to the land, which is currently zoned as open space.

Jane Pinda Hansen Speaking
Jane Pinda Hansen welcoming attendees

Mark Rickerson’s presentation highlighted information many residents may not have been aware of, such as the extremely dense nature of the proposed housing, the lengthy timeline for project completion even under a “best case” scenario, the financial struggles of the proposed builder, K Hovnanian, and the fact that there are other local subdivisions which have been abandoned mid-project by their builders due to poor sales and financial distress.

Mark Rickerson describing the negative impact on the community

Douglas Trent focused on major issues with the proposal itself, including issues relating to flooding, traffic congestion, the negative impact on surrounding home values, and the dramatic reduction in open space within our community if the proposed zoning change were approved.

Douglas Trent
Douglas Trent, a lawyer, outlining specific issues with the zoning change proposal

Dan McGuire urged concerned residents to contact Bloomingdale officials and trustees (listed below) to voice their opposition to the proposal, especially given that the Mayor and Board are on record that “the Village will not be making any redevelopment decisions without significant input from Village residents.” Signing the petition against the proposed rezoning and making sure neighbors are aware of the petition are additional actions all residents can take.

Ronald S. Cope of the law firm Nixon Peabody
Ron Cope of the law firm Nixon Peabody educating the group on how the process works

The event also featured a special guest speaker in Ronald S. Cope of the law firm Nixon Peabody, who is an expert in local government and land use law. Mr. Cope’s presentation informed local residents of various aspects regarding relevant law and process. There were many highlights to Mr. Cope’s presentation, including the fact that, for any proposed zoning change, “the planning and zoning commission shall not recommend the adoption of a proposed amendment until after it finds that the adoption of such amendment is in the public interest and not solely for the interest of the applicant.”

Given Indian Lakes’ efforts, at the expense of neighboring residents and the community as a whole, to sell the land at top dollar for building over 530 homes, this clause would appear to be highly relevant.

Stay tuned to NoNewIndianLakes.com for updates, including times and dates of relevant community or Village meetings.

Let your voice be heard. 

Contact information for Local Officials:

Peter Scalera – Village Administrator
Village of Bloomingdale – scalerap@vil.bloomingdale.il.us

Franco Coladipietro – Mayor, Village President
Village of Bloomingdale – franco@vil.bloomingdale.il.us

Village Trustees – Board of Trustees Meeting every 2nd and 4th Monday at 7:00