August 15, 2019 Update:  K Hovnanian has withdrawn its zoning application for a Planned Unit Development of a 55-and-older community at the former Indian Lakes golf course property.

Thank you” and “Congratulations” to ALL of the vocal and well-informed citizens of Bloomingdale who spent hours at meetings throughout this process!

Link to Daily Herald article on the withdrawal:

Concerned Citizens Presentation

Presented by Dan McGuire at the Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting
May 14th, 2019

The Village of Bloomingdale’s 2010 Comprehensive Land Use Map designates the former Indian Lakes Resort golf course, 190-acres and formerly 27-holes, as “Parks and Open Space.” That open space is currently under assault by First ILR LLC, owner of Indian Lakes Resort, and K. Hovnanian builders. Jointly they propose to build over 530 homes on the land designated as “open space.”

The following is the proposed site plan:

Indian Lakes Property Overview

The complete PUD submittal from K Hovnanian Homes can be found here:

See TIMELINE for the sequence of key events, from the announcement that the golf course was closing through where things stand today.

The current status is that First ILR and Hovnanian have submitted their proposed redevelopment plan, in the form of a “PUD,” or Planned Unit Development. A PUD is a type of development and regulatory process that permits a developer to meet its community and land use goals without being bound by existing zoning requirements.

Many Bloomingdale residents are strongly against the idea of eliminating beautiful open space within the Village and packing in a new densely-populated subdivision. There are corresponding, traffic, congestion, soil and water-retention issues as well, along with the negative impact on existing residential property values. was established for residents to be heard. Join those of us within the community who are against First ILR’s self-serving plans to sell property zoned open space at top dollar and to develop the land at the expense of local residents who have been good neighbors of the property for years, or even decades.

Welcome to the website. Please fully engage, sign the petition, visit frequently for new updates, and tell your friends and neighbors to join us. The Village wants input from Village residents…let your voice against this development be heard!