The Village of Bloomingdale’s 2010 Comprehensive Land Use Map designates Indian Lakes Resort’s beautiful 190-acre, 27-hole golf course as “Parks and Open Space.” At the end of the 2016 golf season, First ILR LLC, owner of Indian Lakes resort, and property manager First Hospitality Group Inc., closed and stopped maintaining the golf course.

In February, 2017, First ILR announced plans, working with homebuilder K. Hovnanian, to redevelop the golf course into a 55-and-over community consisting of 535 single family homes. The proposal, which has NOT been approved, would require the Village of Bloomingdale Board of Trustees to change the current zoning of the property.

K. Hovnanian’s Village Zoning Application, requesting the zoning change, was submitted to the Village in late September, 2017, and includes the following proposed site plan:

The complete Village Zoning Application can be found here:

Many local and Bloomingdale residents are strongly against the idea of eliminating beautiful open space within the Village and packing in a new densely-populated subdivision. There are corresponding, traffic, congestion, soil and water-retention issues as well, along with the negative impact on existing residential property values.

From the October, 2017 Village Almanac: the Village of Bloomingdale “assures residents that it has been made clear to the Indian Lakes ownership that the Village will not make any redevelopment decisions without significant input from Village residents.” was established for residents to be heard. For those of us within the community who are against First ILR’s self-serving plans to sell the open space property at top dollar and to develop the land at the expense of local residents who have been good neighbors of the property for years, or even decades.

Welcome to the website. Please fully engage, sign the petition, visit frequently for new updates, and tell your friends and neighbors to join us. The Village wants input from Village residents…let your voice against this development be heard!